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the other world
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i am tortured
( Continued from this thread! )

I'll be down the hall if you need me, okay? Ah, and no cooking anything, please. ( He pauses for a moment, thinking about it. ) Actually, don't touch anything besides the sink and the dishes, please. ( Spain dumps his own mug and plate into the sink, scuttling off to get one of his guest bedrooms ready while England does the dishes. )
❛dawn was easy❜
( It's midnight! Clearly that means your TV wanted to be on, right? Well, even if it wasn't on before, it's on now, and it's playing a rather cheerful Spanish tune full blast. If you look over at it, you'll see what looks like the beginning of a travel show, showing scenery and locations, all with that music playing happily over it.

The images stop playing, and a large church appears, slowly panning down to show a man in front of it. He waves enthusiastically, his smile as bright as the music still playing softly in the background. The only things that seem amiss about him are that he's wearing an old military uniform, and the fact that his eyes are bright yellow.

¡Hola! And welcome! It's time for History and Travel, with your host, Spain! This week we have a very special episode - it's about Spain itself!

( He grins even brighter, and the camera pans away, instead showing lots of scenery shots, all in tune to his descriptions. He ambles in front of it, arms wide. ) Spain is very beautiful! Both a rugged and lovely country, Spain has some of the most breathtaking scenery this side of the Atlantic! With hills, valleys, mountains, plains, and expansive seashores - complete with warm and welcoming temperatures - it's no wonder Spain's a popular tourist spot!

( The images behind him turn into shots of buildings and cities, his smile still plastered on. ) Spain also has very rich and beautiful cities - complete with stunning architecture and design! Yet another reason to stop on by and see all the sights!

Oh, but we're also going to talk about Spain's very lengthy history as well- ( Suddenly, the images behind him change - no longer are there beautiful scenery shots, but instead it looks like news reels from wars. He still smiles, but it seems twisted, darker somehow. ) -which is some of the bloodiest in Europe!

( The images continue for a while, all with him smiling pleasantly - even as men are getting shot and blown to bits behind him. ) You may think of Spain as a warm and sunny place, but a lot of dark things lurk beneath all that glittering gold and sunlight. So! Be sure to stop by and see all Spain has to offer! You'll lose your head over it! ( One last image - of a man being garroted - plays behind him. And then, as suddenly as it started, the "show" stops - leaving nothing but static in its wake. )
you never knew because he was dead
( So! It had been a pretty normal day for Officer Antonio - a few arrests here and there, a cat stuck in a tree, kids skateboarding on private property - nothing but all of the usual stuff. He was a little surprised to not see Sadiq out front to pick him up though. It'd become almost a normality for them since the start, but Antonio just shrugged it off, walking home instead. Clearly Sadiq was just busy, it wasn't something to fret over. Everything else had been rather normal, besides!

Coming home to find his door unlocked, however, was not.

Nor was the sight that greeted him as soon as he opened the door.

Not normal at all.


( After a few more moments of baffled, confused, and rather disgruntled staring, Antonio starts his warpath towards Sadiq's place. )
✾ i'm not ashamed to say




also ifound my shrry an thy gae me beer

who wnts wine
♡ et maintenant nous sommes tout seuls
...So, no more football for me this cup, hmm?

C'est la vie, I suppose.

How very very depressing.
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